Using Twitter as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Higher Education: A Case Study

This paper will discuss a case study that took place on a first year module on the English literature undergraduate programme at Bath Spa University. This involved using Twitter as a means to provide seminar prompts and to enable students to engage with literary texts in a 21st century digital format. Students were required to post pictures and comments relating to the study materials. This was met with mixed reactions from the students and the first part of my paper will discuss both the case study itself and the student response.

The second half of my paper will situate this study amongst the current pedagogical theory on using Web 2.0 technologies in the seminar room and it will therefore explore both the possibilities and the limitations of implementing social media as a teaching tool. It will also interrogate how the dissemination of information in this format affects the literature studied as well as considering how it impacts on student knowledge and understanding of the text in question.

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