Damaging the Body


I am the co-organiser of the Damaging the Body series of events which aim to bring together experts from a variety of fields, including literature, history of medicine, psychology and gender studies to provoke interdisciplinary discussion of the ways in which the creation of more diverse histories of bodily damage in the nineteenth century and beyond might open up wider concerns. These events have been open to the public as well as academics and in order to increase public engagement the 2012 series of seminars and panel discussions have been recorded and filmed. These are currently being released on a monthly basis and they are free to download from the website.

The workshop, seminars and panel discussions have been funded mainly funded by the Wellcome Trust, however, significant financial contributions have also been received by the Wellcome Library, the British Society for Literature and Science, and the University of the West of England’s Gender Studies Research Group.

Current events

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