Curriculum Vitae

Joanne Ella Parsons

BA (Hons), MA, PGCE (Learning and Skills)





Research Specialisms:

  • Victorian literature with particular reference to the novel
  • Sensation fiction, in particular the work of Wilkie Collins
  • The Gothic
  • The representation of food in literature and food history
  • Victorian masculinities
  • Digital humanities

Academic Qualifications

2010- June 2016

Bath Spa University

PhD in Literature

Thesis: ‘Men and Food in the Victorian Novel’

2008- 2009

University of the West of England

MA in English

2005- 2008

University of the West of England

BA (Hons) in English (2:1)


Academic Employment History

November 2015- present

Falmouth University

Lecturer in English

Module Leader

Level 5: The Politics of Subjectivity and Identity

Modules Taught

Level 5: Freedom and Experiment: Literature and Culture (1688-1832)

Level 5: Introduction to Literary Studies II

Level 5:The Politics of Subjectivity and Identity (C20th/C21st)


September 2015- present

Advanced Studies England

Module Leader and Tutor

Irish Literature 1800-Present

Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing


October 2012- present

Bath Spa University

Hourly-Paid Lecturer in English

Modules Taught

Level 4: Scandal and Sobriety 1750-1890 (lecturer and seminar tutor) 

Level 4: Critical Reading (lecturer and seminar tutor)

Level 4: Poetry (Voice Acting) (guest seminar tutor)

Level 5: Anna Karenina (The European Novel)

             Emily Dickinson (Writing America)

Level 6:Professional Writing (Publishing dept.)

Teaching Qualifications and Award Nominations

May 2015

(Nominee) Bath Spa University Student Union Teaching Award

2013-January 2016


Bath Spa University

Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Learning in Higher Education

(Teaching Using Learning Technology module passed June 2015)




Institute for Learning

Qualified Teacher, Learning and Skills


University of the West of England

Post Graduate Certificate of Education with Distinction in Life Long Learning and Skills


Research Assistant:

February 2014- November 2015  


Peacock, Thomas Love. Gryll Grange. Cambridge University Press.

Editor: Professor John Strachan

Special Issue of Peer-Reviewed Journal

Muller, N and J. Parsons (eds.) Nineteenth-Century Contexts, Special Issue: The Male Body in Victorian Literature and Culture 36.4 (September 2014)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Parsons, Joanne Ella. ‘Surtees’ ‘Eating Englishness and Causing Chaos: Food and the Body of the Fat Man in R. S. Surtees’ Jorrocks’ Jaunts and Jollities, Handley Cross and Hillingdon HallNineteenth-Century Contexts 36.4 (September 2014)

Chapters in Edited Collections

(accepted) Parsons, Joanne Ella. ‘Whitstable Oysters and Slabs of Butter: Food as a Gateway to the (Neo-) Victorian World in Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet and FingersmithNeo-Victorian Fiction: New Approaches (with a preface by A. N. Wilson) Ed. Nadine Muller (proposal accepted by Ashgate).



2016- present                      Wilkie Collins Journal


(Invited) Review of The Victorian Press and the Fairy Tale by Caroline Sumpter, Irish Studies Review 22.4, 1-2

Review of Jolly Fellows: Male Milieus in 19th Century America by Richard Stott, Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 6.1, 45-6

Regular contributor to Routledge ABES (Annotated Bibliography of English Studies), Nineteenth-Century Section: January 2010- May 2012



Over £8200 for Damaging the Body events

£300 for PG Contemporary Women’s Writing Network events

£200 Arts and Humanities Research Council. Funding to attend the Literature, Science and Medicine doctoral training programme reunion workshop, March 2016

£450 Bursary, Cumberland Lodge, ‘Life Beyond the PhD’ conference (3 night residency and travel, August 2015)

£180 Travel Grant, National Association of Victorian Studies, 2015

£275 Gladstone’s Library Scholarship, (seven nights residency, August 2013)

£510 Grant, Higher Education Academy, Changing the Learning Landscape. Funds were used to run a book app project in the publishing dept. at Bath Spa University. The money was also used to pay student fellows to work on the scheme. This was a joint project with Nicola Presley. The Golding Trust also supported the project. The students created a GPS app based on William Golding’s The Spire (1964). 2013

£150 Bath Spa University Conference Bursary. Victorian Popular Fiction Association 5th Annual Conference, Senate House, 2013

£130 Conference fee waiver, Neo-Victorian Cultures Liverpool John Moores University, 2013

£140, Higher Education Academy Travel Grant. E-Reading Between the Lines, Brighton University, 2013

£250 University of the West of England Conference Grant Dickens Symposium, University of Kent, 2012

£800 Arts and Humanities Research Council. Funding to attend events 2,3,5 and 6 of the Literature, Science and Medicine doctoral training programme, 2010-11

£400 University of the West of England Conference Grant. First International Health and Humanities Conference: Madness and Literature, 2010.



£6300, University of the West of England Graduate Bursary, PhD fee waiver and expenses, 2009-12

External Recognition and Esteem Indicators


Invited peer-reviewer Gothic Studies Manchester University Press


Executive committee member of the Victorian Popular Fiction Association



Granted honorary membership of the R. S. Surtees Society

2014- 2015

Steering group member of the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network.



Executive committee member and social media and website officer, Feminist and Women’s Studies Association



Peer-reviewer, Victorian Network


Invited peer-reviewer Literature and Medicine, John Hopkins Press


Invited peer-reviewer, Women’s Writing, Taylor and Francis


Public Engagement



(Invited)   Social Media Officer Journal of Victorian Culture Online



Managing Editor and Founder Feminist and Women’s Studies Association Blog




‘How do Pip and Estella Change in Great Expectations’ Drama UKTV March 2015

Invited Speaker

‘Bodies’ Bright Club (Hamilton House, Bristol) 14th March 2013




Damaging the Body:

All of the Damaging the Body events have been open to both academics and the public. In order to increase public engagement in the 2012 series, audio recordings from the seminars and the filming from the panel discussions are freely available on the website.

Four academic short films were also created as part of the 2012 series; they are available to view for free on the Damaging the Body website.


Other Media

‘Therapeutic Fasting: Dr. Henry S. Tanner (1831-1919)’ Damaging the Body, 2012.

This short documentary was created for the 2012 Damaging the Body series as one of four public engagement shorts.


Invited Keynote

‘Great Guzzling’ Gourmands and ‘Lubberly Lump[s] of Humanity’: Food and Fat in Surtees’ Fiction R. S. Surtees Society AGM, 30th May 2014

Invited Guest Speaker

‘This House Fears the Influence of Page Three.’ Durham Debating Society, Durham University. 7th November 2014

Invited Lectures

‘Fosco’s Fat: Bodily Control and Transgressive Consumption in The Woman in White.’ Wilkie Collins: New Directions and Readings, Victorian Popular Fiction Association Research Seminar Series (Senate House) 9th November 2013

‘The Progression Exam.’ Postgraduate Conference (University of the West of England) 21st September 2012





Conference/Seminar Organisation

Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network: Biomedical Science and the Maternal Body Symposia. Funding awarded: British Society for Literature and Science small grants scheme, £300. 18th April 2015

Drood Inquiry and Victorian Popular Fiction Association: The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Solutions and Resolutions. Co-convened with Dr. Pete Orford Funded by Buckingham University 20th September 2014

Victorian Popular Fiction Research Seminar series. Co-convened with Dr. Janice Allan 2013-15 3 seminars.

University of the West of England Long Nineteenth-Century Postgraduate Seminar Series. Co-convened with Prof. William Greenslade. 12 seminars October 2011-April 2013.

Damaging the Body. Co-convened with Dr. Sarah Chaney


Symposium (17th October) Damaging the Body: Body and Mind: Mesmerism in Nineteenth Century Culture and Literature

Funding awarded: British Society for Literature and Science small grants scheme, £300



Symposium (31st July) Damaging the Body: held: a symposium on restraint and strong clothing

Funded by the Institute of Psychiatry




Film Launch and Talk by Prof. Lisa Downing (6th December) Damaging the Body: Extraordinary Eaters Film Launch

Funding awarded: Wellcome Trust



Seminar (17th October) Damaging the Body: Tattoos: The New Memento Mori?

Funding awarded: Wellcome Trust




Panel Discussions (21st May and 28th June)

Damaging the Body, Fasting and the Famished Body: Disordered Eating and the Gendering of Self-Starvation.


Damaging the Body, Foreign Bodies? Self- Injury, Surgery and Performance – Panel Discussion  

Funding awarded: Wellcome Trust, £4650; University of the West of England’s Gender Studies Research Group, £195



Wellcome Library (23rd March- 2nd May) 3 Seminars

Funding awarded: Wellcome Library, £500



Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine (17th January- 31st May 2011) 6 Seminars

Funding awarded: Wellcome Trust for the Centre for the History of Medicine, £1000



Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine (24th September 2010) Workshop

Funding awarded: Wellcome Trust for the Centre for the History of Medicine, £2000



Conference Research Papers

‘Manly Hospitality and Lobster Salads: Public and Private Dining in The Doctor’s WifeMary Elizabeth Braddon Centenary Conference (Senate House) 4th-5th September 2015.

‘‘Great Guzzling Gourmands!’: Exploring Men’s Relationship with Food in the Nineteenth Century Novel.’ Life Beyond the PhD (Cumberland Lodge) 15th-18th August 2015

‘Brian Fevers and Picnics: Anxious and Ignorant Appetites in Wilkie Collins’ ArmadaleSensational Men (Falmouth University) 18th April 2015.

‘Under Surveillance: Public Fat Shaming from the Victorians to the Digital Age’ Eating Otherwise’ (Lancaster University) 28th February-1st March 2015.

‘Eating his Way into Society: Food, Manliness, and Class in David CopperfieldDickens Day (Senate House) 11th October 2014

‘Oysters and Watercress: Digesting Food Symbolism in the (Neo-) Victorian World of Sarah Waters’ Tipping the VelvetPGCWWN Symposia: The Year’s Research in Contemporary Women’s Writing (British Library) 27th June 2014

‘Surtees’ ‘Great Guzzling’ Gourmand: Eating, Hunting, and Making Merry in Handley Cross and Jorrocks’ Jaunts and Jollities’ Devouring: Food Drink and the Written Word, 1800-1940 (University of Warwick) 8th March 2014

‘The Corpulent Count: Controlling the Deviant Body in Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in WhiteMIVSS (University of Nottingham) 16th January 2014

‘Whitstable Oysters and Slabs of Butter: Food as a Gateway to the (Neo-) Victorian World in Sarah Waters’ Tipping the VelvetNeo-Victorian Cultures (Liverpool John Moores University) 24th-26th July 2013

‘Eating English Masculinity: Food and the Figure of the Foxhunter in R. S. Surtees’ Jorrocks’ Jaunts and JollitiesVictorian Popular Fiction Association 5th Annual Conference (Senate House) 10-12th July 2013

‘David Copperfield’s Dietary Discipline.’ Long Nineteenth-Century Network Seminar Series (University of the West of England) 23rd May 2013 

‘“Bone Soup”: Cannibalism, Civilisation, and Racism in The Frozen Deep and the Franklin Expedition’ Cannibals: Cannibalism, Consumption and Culture (Hic Dragones, Manchester) 25th-26th April 2013

‘Dickensian Appetites: The Influence of Dickens’ Monstrous Meals.’ Dickens Day (Senate House, University of London) 13th October 2012

‘Fat, Food, and the Science of Diet: Henry Mayhew’s 1851.’ Postgraduate Conference (University of the West of England) 21st September 2012

‘Angels and Slatterns: The Power of the Domestic in David Copperfield.’ Dickens Society 17th Annual Symposium (University of Kent) 13th-15th September 2012

“‘I’m animated with hunger; and seemingly, I must not eat”: Heathcliff and Midwinter’s Tortured Starvation.’ Wounded Bodies, Tortured Souls Conference (University of Portsmouth) 14th June 2012.

‘“We’ll have bread and cheese for our supper, and eat it on our knees”: Diet and Domestic Control in Wives and Daughters and No Name.’ Long Nineteenth-Century Network Seminar Series (University of the West of England) 9th February 2012

‘Willing Death: Heathcliff’s Starving Body.’ Damaging the Body Workshop (The Wellcome, London) 24th September 2010

‘Male Starvation as an Expression of Psychological Turmoil: The Tortured Cases of Midwinter and Heathcliff.’ First International Health and Humanities Conference: Madness and Literature (Nottingham) 6th-8th August 2010

Pedagogical Papers:

‘Using Twitter as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Higher Education: A Case Study’ Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop: E-reading Between the Lines: 21st Century Literature, Digital Platforms and Literacies (Brighton University) 5th July 2013

Professional Membership

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Member (since 2014)


North American Victorian Studies Association Member (since 2014)


Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network Member (since 2013)


British Society for Literature and Science Member (since 2013)


Feminist and Women’s Studies Association Member (2012- 2014)


British Association of Victorian Studies Member (since 2010)


The International Gothic Association Member (since 2010)


Victorian Popular Fiction Association Member (since 2010)


British Library Teachers’ Network Member (since 2009)


Additional Teaching Experience



Cirencester College

English lecturer

Design and delivery of lessons, assessment and feedback on the following courses: English Functional Skills Level 1 and 2; English GCSE; English Literature and English Language AS and A Levels. Functional Skills course leader.




Workers’ Educational Association

Adult education tutor

Design and delivery of the following literature course: Literature and the West