Conference Papers

‘Manly Hospitality and Lobster Salads: Public and Private Dining in The Doctor’s WifeMary Elizabeth Centenary Conference (Senate House) 4-5th September 2015

 ‘‘Great Guzzling Gourmands!’: Exploring Men’s Relationship with Food in the Nineteenth Century Novel.’ Life Beyond the PhD (Cumberland Lodge) 15th-18th August 2015

‘Brian Fevers and Picnics: Anxious and Ignorant Appetites in Wilkie Collins’ ArmadaleSensational Men (Falmouth University) 18th April 2015

‘Under Surveillance: Public Fat Shaming from the Victorians to the Digital Age’ Eating Otherwise’ (Lancaster University) 28th February-1st March 2015

‘Eating his Way into Society: Food, Manliness, and Class in David CopperfieldDickens Day (Senate House) 11th October 2014

‘Oysters and Watercress: Digesting Food Symbolism in the (Neo-) Victorian World of Sarah Waters’ Tipping the VelvetPGCWWN Symposia: The Year’s Research in Contemporary Women’s Writing (British Library) 27th June 2014

‘Surtees’ ‘Great Guzzling’ Gourmand: Eating, Hunting, and Making Merry in Handley Cross and Jorrocks’ Jaunts and Jollities’ Devouring: Food Drink and the Written Word, 1800-1940 (University of Warwick) 8th March 2014

‘The Corpulent Count: Controlling the Deviant Body in Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White’ MIVSS (University of Nottingham) 16th January 2014

 ‘Whitstable Oysters and Slabs of Butter: Food as a Gateway to the (Neo-) Victorian World in Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet Neo-Victorian Cultures (Liverpool John Moores University) 24th-26th July 2013

 ‘Eating English Masculinity: Food and the Figure of the Foxhunter in R. S. Surtees’ Jorrocks’ Jaunts and Jollities Victorian Popular Fiction Association 5th Annual Conference (Senate House) 10-12th July 2013

 ‘David Copperfield’s Dietary Discipline.’ Long Nineteenth-Century Network Seminar Series (University of the West of England) 23rd May 2013 

‘“Bone Soup”: Cannibalism, Civilisation, and Racism in The Frozen Deep and the Franklin Expedition’ Cannibals: Cannibalism, Consumption and Culture (Hic Dragones, Manchester) 25th-26th April 2013

‘Dickensian Appetites: The Influence of Dickens’ Monstrous Meals.’ Dickens Day (Senate House, University of London) 13th October 2012 

‘Fat, Food, and the Science of Diet: Henry Mayhew’s 1851.’ Postgraduate Conference (University of the West of England) 21st September 2012

‘Angels and Slatterns: The Power of the Domestic in David Copperfield.’ Dickens Society 17th Annual Symposium (University of Kent) 13th-15th September 2012

“‘I’m animated with hunger; and seemingly, I must not eat”: Heathcliff and Midwinter’s Tortured Starvation.’ Wounded Bodies, Tortured Souls Conference (University of Portsmouth) 14th June 2012

‘“We’ll have bread and cheese for our supper, and eat it on our knees”: Diet and Domestic Control in Wives and Daughters and No Name.’ Long Nineteenth-Century Network Seminar Series (University of the West of England) 9th February 2012

‘Willing Death: Heathcliff’s Starving Body.’ Damaging the Body Workshop (The Wellcome, London) 24th September 2010

‘Male Starvation as an Expression of Psychological Turmoil: The Tortured Cases of Midwinter and Heathcliff.’ First International Health and Humanities Conference: Madness and Literature (Nottingham) 6th-8th August 2010.

Pedagogical Papers:

‘Using Twitter as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Higher Education: A Case Study’ Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop: E-reading Between the Lines: 21st Century Literature, Digital Platforms and Literacies (Brighton University) 5th July 2013 

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