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‘Great Guzzling Gourmands!’: Exploring Men’s Relationship with Food in the Nineteenth Century Novel.

July 22, 2015

Life Beyond the PhD (Cumberland Lodge) 15th-18th August 2015

This presentation will form a very brief overview of the research that I am currently conducting into the literary, medical and cultural readings surrounding men’s relationship to food within the early-mid ninenth-century novel. This is a field that has not yet been covered in scholarship, although the link between women and food has been extensively examined. Therefore, my thesis establishes connections between existing research on women, food, consumption, and the presentation of the female body, and the unexplored territory of her male counterpart. I am particularly interested in discovering how the depiction of these themes within sensation and realist novels reinforce or expose the rigid construction of masculinity within this period and how they reflect contemporary cultural discourses. My work also engages with the rising fields of fat studies and this talk will illuminate the ways my research intersects with this burgeoning field.

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